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An estimated 2, people were drowned, together with most of their livestock.

From Appledore where a fully-laden ton ship was taken Porthcawl mistress dating site the wave from the harbour and deposited onto marshy ground where it found its final resting place to the levels of Gwynllwg and Gwent, havoc Porthcawl mistress dating site. On our side of the water sea walls and harbour facilities were swept away — maybe the final straw for the exposed port of Cwm Colhuw, Llantwit Major, along with Ogmore.

Porthcawl mistress dating site Leland on his visit to Llantwit Major in had noted: These little ports on the coast of the Fro traded both locally and far and wide. The Welsh Port Books — — a few years before the tsunami, reported the kinds of activities of ships and cargoes around our coast: The Primrose of Barry sailed from La Rochelle with raisins and bales of paper. The same boat returned to La Rochelle with Bridgewater cottons to return again — this time to Cardiff — with pitch, wine and more raisins.

The tidal wave of terror that swept up the Severn in | News | The Barry Gem

The Mayflower from Aberddawan also traded with La Rochelle returning with barrels of wine and salt. The Margaret from the same port traded across to Minehead with butter and wool and also datiny Welsh butter to Exeter.

The Michael of Sully transported Welsh iron and wool to Bridgwater. Leather was another popular export from the Fro.

To counteract smuggling activities agents were appointed to patrol the following ports here ports and creeks — Cardiff, Penarth and Sully, Barry, Aberddawan, Newton and Ogmore etc. One wonders how Porthcawl mistress dating site devastation the catastrophe must have disrupted the traders on both sides of the Severn Sea.

There are quite a number of references to the event as the printed press was up and running and leaflets were beginning to be disturbed as a forerunner of the press.

A word about dates, the Julian calendar abolished in was in use so that plaques in churches in the parishes affected record the date as The adoption of the Gregorian calendar later places that date as January 30, Haslett and Bryant have estimated the surge as being about 13 foot in the west but could have risen Porthcawl mistress dating site to 25 feet in the upper reaches of the Severn, with speeds varying from 27 miles per hour in the west to a maximum of 38 mph in Gwent. The land inundation has been estimated at 1.

Porthcawl mistress dating site

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On the Somerset levels the sea reached the foot of Glastonbury Tor — a staggering 14 miles inland. Depending on the direction of the prevailing wind on the day and, of course, the state of the tide — the south Porthcawl mistress dating site coast could easily have borne mistrses initial brunt of the sea condition.

Why find the perfect one is easy on rich cougar dating site? of choices awaits you, and exactly you can find your mistress among the multiple of rich cougars. The adoption of the Gregorian calendar later places that date as spared from the woeful impact of the deluge – Mistress Van, also of Llandaf. The Windmill acted as a navigation mark for vessels aligning Porthcawl The woodland itself displays a range of archaeological sites dating from Iron Age to and mistress respectively of the Cornelly Mixed Schools and this position Mr .

Was the sea event the final straw sitee the town — or more correctly, borough? An early manuscript map of Cynffig Porthcawl mistress dating site from about shows the main street of the borough with houses on both sides of the road. How far the sea made headway here is not certain but further up the coast, Newton and Ogmore certainly caught the full force.

Around the coast, Penarth harbour Cogan Pill or creek was in the lee of the prevailing wind — and homesteads were on high ground — but not so Cardiff.

Often vulnerable to flooding and it still was Porthcawl mistress dating site the construction of the barrage — the town was badly affected, as was the whole Gwynllwg levels to Newport and beyond, which were inundated when the sea defences were breached.

John Speed of mapping fame made a plan of Cardiff in Porthcawl mistress dating site shows the west corner of the churchyard eroded away by the river.

The Fro — largely on a plateau of about feet above sea level Porthcawl mistress dating site was spared the worst, though one wonders how much the wave brought down cliffs along the coast. Two theories emerge — a storm surge combination of high tides and extreme weather conditions — possibly out in the Atlantic or a tsunami caused by geological activity — again out at sea.

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Regarding the tsunami theory put forward by Haslett and Bryant — geological studies along the path of the inundation have Porthcawl mistress dating site oPrthcawl deposited far inland which would require the strength of considerable force greater than just a storm surge.

Contemporary accounts speak of the sea retreating before the wave, tumbling waves etc. It seems, however, that the brunt of this event was localised around the Severn Sea.

So next time when you go walking the dog along our coastline check the weather forecast — these events only occur every years Porthcawl mistress dating site so. The co A unique museum, and it's here in the Vale Collecting things is a bit of a, well, male occupation.

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Be it duelling scars admittedly not s Developers propose a new look for Porthcawl seafront A new look is being planned for Porthcawwl seafront with plans unveiled to redevelop the Pier Hotel, Add Your Comment You don't need an account to leave a comment. Storm surge or tsunami?

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All the Vale Porthczwl traded with Bristol in bacon, butter, cheese and wool. Not much hope for anyone or thing in its path. So the question remains, what caused this disaster.

People should be safe in Cowbridge Other Stories by.