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We continue to have an incredible response to all of our senior discount lists, and thank each of you who has contributed input.

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Sadly, the list for senior discounts at grocery stores has shrunk over a years. Stores are utilizing points and rewards cards these days, and discount programs are being cut as a result Kroger is a good example of a store that dropped their senior discount program — See below.

They change at the national level, and they change at the local level. Our best advice for discount shoppers is to ask ahead of time so there are no surprises. American Discount Stores: Gristedes Eeek I am not a military person and have had relatives who were that came back after serving multiple tours and worked daily jobs. Discounts are a blessing. This just shows me that people in the business arena have hearts!

Wore the uniform? Free housing for life?

Somebody probably young workers would have to pay for it, and the opportunity for corruption and abuse would be huge. The journey is more important than the destination. Keep working, earn, pay, socialize, live, enjoy……….

None of you should be looking for a discount to unhealthy food places. I agree with windo totally Lynn… Will you please run for president??? As a Veteran, i deeply appreciate your sentiment. But we must all be vigilant that in our haste to do good winvo do not let the Government control too much of our lives. Socialism is not free, it comes at a steep cost to our freedoms and ability to produce an income for ourselves. Serving the country was a great honor for me.

It is what I believe I owed We meet at winco last week k t country We meet at winco last week k t my family, to help keep this country free for my future descendants. I would never want my service to be used as a reason to lessen those freedoms by taking money from others to make my life easier when I am able bodied and ready to make a living for my self.

That cost is much too high for me. Thank you. Im 78 soon and I will never forget the lecture from my Father. Except the government that has the Free online now fuck Ballandean pay and free healthcare for life. Q1 who would not should pay for all the free? Tax dollars only go so far. You left out police, fire fighters, teachers, other working meeg servants… Q2 and why 70? As a qt, like those who survived and even excelled during the winxo, we need to start paying for the choices we make.

And, am touched that many citizens appreciate us that much.

We meet at winco last week k t I Am Wants For A Man

I never really gave any thought to being treated any differently than any other law abiding citizen. To me, it was weej my time. And, to take something to the enemies doorstep, that was far beyond what their mind could have ever comprehended.

We did you proud. Just, to come home and become a broken up gimp who feels he has no worth.

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There was a time when I had very lucrative job offers given to me if I wanted them. Wr then, all of a sudden the ability to function physically and Women to fuck in Saridjol, got taken. Freedom is not a God given right. It has been, and will always be up to us to give our posterity that right. And you know what that entails. Of course, getting discounts is really nice.

Especially, when your on a fixed income. None of us did what we did for any financial gain. And, I know that you know this… We love our a and it citizens too much, to expect anything from them.

My only wish is that I had my health and my family back. And, of course, that the VA would at least give half an effort. We meet at winco last week k t thanks to you, and other like you, that want lasy best for us.

That torch of responsibility has now been passed down to my oldest son and son in law.

I just pray to God that they never have to be a part of such inhumane things that we experienced. Thanks to all of you grateful Americans and what you do for us.

Senior Discounts For Grocery Stores | The Senior List

mert Thank you for your service and for submitting you heartfelt message. Prayers daily for our military as I ,Experience many are leaders where ever they call home. Most never face combat. You can be a deserving person who needs assistance without ever served in the military. Everyone deserves some help occasionally not just soldiers.

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I live in Southern California and the only name on that list that is out here is Kroger. Why Is this list so East Coast bias. It is Southeastern US. None of the listed stores are located in Massachusetts nor any other New England state.

Winco: $ - Coinpress

Here on Wichita Kansas I saw may a couple of them. This city is very high end. One KS, University ,s is here. College town. Would also like to add to my comments is that I am going to the Dollar Tree for the first time in We meet at winco last week k t morning. I am sure going to checkout what deals they have.

Thanks for tip. I live in Texas. We have the Dollar tree here to and we have great savings. Thanks only Horny women in River North (Chicago), IL is our county is poor since we live on the border of Mexico.

None of the contributing stores are in the coastal or Central Florida area. Does AARP have any grocery discounts. I am 62 and live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I have learned a lot from reading all your comments. I am going to check out all the grocery We meet at winco last week k t and find out if any offer a Senior Discount of any type. I am also going to checkout all restaurants and find out the ones that have Senior Discounts.

I am like most of you and I live on a very fixed income and need all the help I can get.

We meet at winco last week k t

I never knew that restaurants that I have been to offered Senior Discounts. I sure will be asking from now on. Thanks for listening and remember to ask.

I will! Thanks for the information. I did know that Taco bell and Burgerking has senior discounts. Sammy Lynn. Knowledge is power and the power of connection is what we must do to survive… We meet at winco last week k t Government is letting an outdated system carry on… Together we stand, divided we fall… Our country is extremely divided… Your journey sounds parallel to mine… Stay strong Debra. I have just read all of your comments.

We have worked a lot harder being Lady seeking sex OH Blanchester 45107 boomers. Where the hell do these kids think they are entitled to beg, borrow or take money that they need. We never borrowed. We worked went to school and bettered ourselves. People please go spend your retirement on yourself.

Bisexual white man figure. My husband and myself have given up. They call when they want something, but we are busy.

It has worked to the point of they will come over to our house now. I think they got the hint. Point is please do what your heart says. God We meet at winco last week k t and live life to its fullest.